Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh me, oh my!

I would say that it is a safe assumption that I will never be the person who posts her every thought, every single day! I get too busy and wrapped up in everything else going on (not on the computer) to keep up with posting on here constantly.... So what is going on in the real world, you say?

Well, Gabe and I have been doing wedding planning since July and that planning has only kicked into higher gear since he officially proposed in September (September 11th now has good memories for me! :) )... Not only are we planning our wedding, but we also get to plan out moving and immigration headaches too! Oh joy!! :-) No, seriously, it is very exciting and I just look forward to the day I get to walk down the aisle to him!!!!

So... wedding planning... Gabe and I both really like medieval types of things and in order to incorporate that into our wedding, we are going with a a bit of a "stained glass" theme. We both absolutely love the old gothic and renaissance churches and the stained glass windows and I can't wait to play with all the colors the come in with that theme! :-) Burgundy, cobalt and gold, but not in a heavy, dark, overwhelming manner! :-P It is going to be a blast!!!

To give you ideas of what it will be like, here are some links I have been looking at (but no one gets to know what has been decided on.... and if you do know: hush up, yo!!)....

Enjoy surfing if you want... :-)

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