Thursday, May 17, 2012

Waiting Upon the Lord

But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40.31 ESV
Waiting for God to move can sometimes be very difficult and trying when I have an idea of exactly what I want to happen. I want this condo sold now so we can move. I want to find and buy a house in Ontario so we can start planning a family. ...I, I, I! But what does God want? What does He want me to learn from this? What if He has completely different ideas? I said that it can be difficult and that is putting it mildly. It is so easy to get down-trodden and let the enemy start influencing our thoughts when we are not focusing on God and His Will and Words.
When I was thinking and wondering about how to start this off today, "wait upon the Lord" is what came to me and then the song I will Call Upon The Lord, which comes from Psalm 18.3&46. We are called to wait upon God and call out His name. We are promised blessings, protection and provisions when we follow His Words. All that we need to know, we can learn within His Words. When we trust in Him and wait upon Him, we receive hope and salvation. In Psalm 62, David speaks of waiting for his salvation from God and having faith that God alone can be his (and our) rock, salvation and fortress. In Isaiah 40, we are told that we will be able to soar like eagles, run and not be weary and walk without fainting. What wonderful promises God has given us in His word! Trust in Him, wait upon His Will and we will be blessed in His timing.
Praise God in His great mercy and wonder! It is amazing how we can see Him moving if we just stop, be still and listen for His voice. The other night, Gabe and I were having a disagreement and I cried that I didn't know why we seemed to stay stuck in this same spot again and again of taking our stress out on each other whenever things got difficult. I said I didn't know what to do! Gabe reminded me that we had to pray and talk it out. As the evening ended, I told him that even if we were stuck in this spot for the next 70 years, I would stay and be stuck with him and he told me that was all he was waiting for and we were able to sleep peacefully. What a sweet guy right? ...But the story doesn't end there. The next morning, all the ministry posts popping up on my Facebook page were about finding peace in God and trusting Him through the rough times, conquering the issues together with your spouse and being peacemakers! See what I mean about being still and watching God work?? Be at peace and wait upon God today! Con tutti mi cuore, mente, anima e corpo, Lily


  1. Oh goody, mommy gets to be the first to reply! ;-p Of course you're frustrated with the way things are NOT happening according to your "plan" or desires; you know how I have tried & tried to leave this heathen place ... G-D has plans that we know naught of. Sorry to hear you & Gabe been disagreeing, but - how blessed are you to have a 3-strand marriage! With Christ as the Other, you'll always come to agreement. Maybe (being so strong-willed as you are ;-p ) it'll be after a while, but... be still and wait; marvelous things will be done to, through and for you!

    1. Funny you mention leaving... How's Canada and a lovely retired pastor widower sound to you? :-D Keep your calendar clear for a trip up here! :-) Really, you do have to come up before we move cuz Gabe and Gordy were talking and he's interested... Gee, maybe I should write a post about how someone is allowed remarriage once their first marriage was broken due to immorality and the immoral one has remarried! You are allowed!! Mwahahaha!!!

    2. Oh, and BTW, the disagreement really wasn't that big of a thing.... Just the stress of the condo being for sale making little things blow up.... It was more of an example for the post than an actual problem! :-P

    3. where are the special goodies so I can BOLD this, UNDERLINE it and color it RED???? You are a BRAT. Correction - you BOTH are BRATS. CORRECTION-CORRECTION - GABE is still a BRAT, BUT YOU, my Dear, are a PETUNIA!!!!! And here I wrote you a nice note. Besides being a divorcee, I'm mean, selfish, violent, manipulative, arrogant, lazy, a liar, Tigger-hyper - gimme enough time & I can come up with a whole slew of negative attributes. And I think G-D wants to keep me for Himself rather than burdening another man - especially a former pastor! - with me. (ummm, how public is this?!?)

      and obtw, I knew it wasn't a bad fight-thing, but just the stress of the condo being for sale...etc... And it's my turn to stay here for the Fourth fire coverage this year. We sorta rotate. And you haven't gotten it sold yet...

  2. just checkin' in to see if you'd done any more here... being a homeowner keeps one busy, eh? ;-p

  3. (oh, and btw, the best way to make God laugh is to tell Him YOUR "plans".... Mwhahahahaahaha)