Sunday, August 30, 2009

Building Up My Foundation

Thanks to my wonderful pastor and God speaking through him, I have been very convicted today about building up my foundation properly.

How much does God mean to you? Only as much as His Word means to you!

You want God to mean more to your life? Spend more time in His word!!

Yet what am I doing? I am surfing the net, watching TV, watching movies, reading books.... All things that are taking me away from building up my foundation properly on the Word of God, on Christ alone!!

I have tried multiple times to commit to reading my Bible more thoroughly and regularly but after my conversation with Allegra last night about spiritual maturity and the sermon today... There is no more "try," there is only "do!!" I WILL read my Bible every day and I WILL build up my foundation on Christ alone!

God Bless, y'all!

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  1. "Well, apparently this is where I prove I'm following you, eh? And the FIRST??? Oh, my! Nice thoughts, fine for you, but - uh, too public for this shy violet. As I texted, nice concept. Here's another thought to keep in your heart: Ps 116:9 "And so I walk in the LORD'S presence as I walk on this earth!" (My slight paraphrasing: I WILL walk in the LORD'S presence as I walk on this earth." helps me get through yet another day in the public school system...) Ah, "Angels Fall Sometimes" by Josh Turner just played, so nice, gonna replay. Now.. I wrote this once, clicked to preview, and it disappeared, dunno what I'm doing wrong, other than not being totally techhie... I am NOT going to write it again! :-p †"