Saturday, August 29, 2009


Howdy folks,

This is now the second blog I have started. I removed the other one because I hadn't posted anything in about a year and I haven't really done anything with Read for Life since last fall.... Starting over has been fun though cuz now I know a smidge more about how Blogger works and now it is my *own* page, rather than just a template I picked out of a list...

Anyway, who wants to read about setting up a blog?? Not me! ...So, on with things now.

For anyone who doesn't speak Italian... First, why not? 'Tis a beautiful language and I could just listen to Gabe talk all day long! :) Second, the name of the blog, "Con Tutti Mi Cuore," means "With All My Heart" and that is how I want to live my life.... In all things, I will live with all my heart! Whether that is worshiping God, my relationship with Gabe, teaching the Bad Girls class, teaching at school, or my relationship with my family.... It is always a wholehearted endeavor.

Speaking of wholehearted, has anyone read The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright? It is a wonderful book about a couple and their lives together. After they pass away (within minutes of each other), all their kids come back to town to lay Mom and Dad to rest and find these boxes of letters written every Wednesday, from the day they got married to the day they died. Even when things were not going well in their lives and marriage, that commitment and wholehearted devotion to each other kept going! They didn't just give up when the going got tough or one forgot to put the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way! I know that we aren't married yet and that at least a few of you guys who will be reading this are... I know that is the kind of marriage Gabe and I both are committed to having. What advice would you give to a couple just starting out in their marriage?

More real thoughts will come later; right now, I am just having fun setting this up! :-P


  1. wow, I truly have much to learn on

  2. I will have to read that book, it sounds good! I've missed having you at all the work meetings!