Monday, August 31, 2009

Just plain worn out

You know, there are some days when you are just ready to go home and crawl back into bed! I don't have any inspiration or fun stories for today... I love work but today, I was ready to be back home within 2 hours!! One of the little guys was having a really rough day (lots of home stuff) and decided to take it out on me... so, should I be flattered that he feels safe enough to take it out on me or curl up in a ball and sob because I was beaten up by a 5-yr-old?? He was screaming at me and chucking stuff at my head! ...So now I have a swollen and tender ear and a swollen and bruised hand (would be a black eye if I hadn't thrown my hand up in the way)!

Oy vey!! I am ready for a fresh start for tomorrow though! :-) We are going to have an end-of-the-summer party (school starts on Wednesday) and go to the park for a picnic and then going to watch a movie in the afternoon!

I am definitely ready for the change in routines and schedules.... We get our first round of preschoolers coming back on Wednesday (they are returning then because they have older siblings who are starting school or because their parents work with the school system) and then we will have Head Start and preschool starting on Tuesday after the long weekend.... Fun transitions coming! :-)

God Bless, y'all!

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