Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I reach down to soothe the pain
To comfort the broken heart.
Tears fall from my eyes
As I hear her hurting sobs.

“Why do I hurt?
Why do I cry?
Why is this happening to me?”

Please, God, come down
Rain your healing love all over this broken soul.
May she feel your loving grace
As it washes through her life.

Lord, I see your face;
Reach out my arms again.

Her anger hurts, her anger cuts
Through the deep, abiding pain.
They glare with their fists
Ready at their sides.

“Why do we hurt?
Why do we cry?
Why has this happened to us?”

Please, God, come down
Let your forgiveness cover their aching lives.
May they feel your embrace
As it wipes away their sins.

Lord, I feel your joy;
Reach out my arms again.

I raise my hands in celebration
Their joy reaching down in my heart.
Their eyes are opened
They feel your grace.

“The Lord has come.
He has saved our lives.
My Lord loves us through all time.”

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