Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love Song

His gentle love washes over me
Cleanses me from head to toe.
His sacrificial love breaks my heart
As I see Him up upon that cross.

I close my eyes and weep
As I ponder His love for me.

I have no power
I have nothing to boast about
I have only my sin and
Crumbling remains of life.

Yet, He loves me still
He loves me, yes, me!
He loves me enough to give
His life for mine.

I open my eyes in awe
Of His wondrous, powerful love.

My King looks upon me
His entire body shining with His love.

“My child,” says He.
“I will love you for all time.
Call upon me and I will be there.”

“Lift your eyes and see my face.
Fall to your knees within my embrace.
I will be here for all time,
This is merely the beginning of our story.”

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