Friday, July 2, 2010


The peace of a child's face, quiet in repose
The eyelashes flutter, the thumb is sucked
As she lays down her head and drifts off
In the dreamland, what will be?

Remembering the joy of playing in the park
Swinging way up high, running oh so fast
Playing with her brothers, playing with the cat
Perhaps she dreams of Jack?

Rather, I believe, she is resting in the arms
Of her Lord and King, telling Him her story
Hearing His in return, hearing of His love
His promise for her life, to love her eternal.

The peace on her face as she rests in His arms
“I love you, my child, and I have great plans
My daughter, you will grow strong in your faith
Your voice will be true as you sing praises of your King.”

“Before your parents knew you, I formed your every bone.
The hairs on your head placed there by My hand.
My dear child, use the words and voice I give
Share your faith and live true for me.”

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