Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our God is STILL an Awesome God!

Ok, so I promised follow-up...
Gabe went and saw the house on Saturday and really liked it. There were some concern areas but nothing he saw was "that bad." Sunday, after church, he went over to his Realtor's office to draw up an offer he was comfortable with then came home to tell me all about it. A short time later, Al, his Realtor, called him to tell him about some disclosures that were made when he took the offer over to the sellers' Realtor. Apparently, the house was used as a small scale marijuana grow-op (as they call them in Canada) about ten years ago AND, due to flooding twice in the past 20 years, it is classified as being within the boundaries of the Bilston Creek flood plain.
Gabe and I talked about it, prayed about it and got feedback from some of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ as to how to proceed. We decided to keep on going with the process for the time being because maybe that was how God was going to make it affordable for us.... Well, on Monday, Gabe heard back from Al that the sellers had made a counteroffer and he countered back. Monday evening, they had come to an agreement (about 2k more than Gabe original offer and 8k under the sellers' original listing)!
At the same time, Al started talking with Gabe about how difficult it would be to get a mortgage for the house because of the marijuana grow-op in particular. ...Seems there is a lot more fear of damage from a grow-op in Canada than in the States, but that could be because a lot of the times, the pot has to be grown inside the house since the climate isn't hot and humid enough for it to be grown out in the fields... Anyway, Gabe talked with the mortgage broker in Al's office who told him there was no way he would mortgage that house. Gabe was getting a little downtrodden but, undaunted, he went over to his bank to talk with them and got two different answers. One lady told him there was NO way that they would mortgage it while a second lady came up and started telling Gabe about another buyer that she had helped get into a former grow-op.... so there was still hope.
After Gabe got the news that his offer was accepted, he called and left a message at his bank about setting up an appointment to get a final answer on the mortgage issue. Tuesday afternoon, he went to his bank with a printout of the disclosures from the sellers and I get the impression that the bankers just about laughed in his face. Not only is there the marijuana and potential mold but flooding and potential mold. There was absolutely no way they would mortgage it; no ifs, ands or buts.
So, now we are resting in the promises of our God. He has a plan for us and we will follow Him wherever He takes us. If no one else is able to come up with the funds for the house, the sellers will have to lower the price and they may even lower it enough that people would be able to secure cash for the purchase. Only God knows and we continue to and always will have faith in what He is doing in our lives.

30 days until we get married and I get to be with the God-given love of my life!!!!

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  1. Buying a house is definitely a long process! Good luck as you continue the search! So excited for you to get married!! :)