Friday, July 9, 2010

Our God Is An Awesome God...

Oh my word, God is SOOO amazing!! Over twelve hours later and I am still bouncy and giddy over it.
So, background, I have been unemployed and living (and planning a wedding) off of babysitting and unemployment since May 21. I have been sending my resume off to childcare and preschool places all over Victoria all summer and not hearing anything back at all...
Monday, I sent off another round of resumes to five different places in the greater Victoria area (including Sidney and Langford) and finally heard something back from someone! Tuesday, I got an email back from Kim at the Sunshine Group Daycare Centres in the Langford area. Great, she wants to do a phone interview with me so I told her about the hoops I have to jump through in order to be able to work in Canada and to get back to me if she would still like to do a phone interview. Wednesday, I get a second email from her saying that she would definitely be willing to jump through those hoops with me and to send her a number where she can reach me if a 10:30 a.m. call would work for me on Thursday morning. Of course, I responded and told her that would be great.
So, now that we have been brought up to this morning in the job search arena, let me tell you about the home search arena. Gabe and I regularly look on to check out the houses on the market and to see if there is anything remotely affordable on the Island. Tuesday night we are looking through the houses again and he sends me the link to one that he "knows I will love!" and I take a little gander at it. It is a gorgeous house on a 1 acre lot with a creek running through the backyard, trees all around it (the land around it is owned by government so there won't be subdivisions going up around us), a greenhouse, hardwood floors, etc. EVERYTHING we wanted in a house! ...And, in terms of the Victorian market and Gabe's condo that would be sold, affordable!!! Lovely, but we said we wouldn't get excited about it and would just pray and leave it all in God's hands.
Well, Wednesday morning, after receiving the second email from Kim, I started looking to see exactly where in Langford this centre (catch that Canadian spelling there?) is located. As I am looking at it on the map, I notice that it is rather close to something else... the house is less than half a mile away from the centre and is on the same road!! I called Gabe and told him what I found out, including that I kept hearing Alisha in in head saying "there are NO coincidences, Lily!" I told him that this had to be a God thing and either both of these would work out or neither of them would. He responded with "yeah..." in a rather nonchalant and dragged out tone, "I decided to give the Realtor a call, do you have his number handy?" !!! (So not like Gabe to jump at something like that; he likes to ponder things.) I went to my Life Group last night and told them all about this excitement and they all prayed over me and for the interview this morning and for the house and the general direction God seems to be leading us.
Last night, we are both giddy, excited and at peace over the whole thing and he tells me some more about what he has learned about the house, including that he is trying to set up a viewing. We pray some more and leave everything in God's hands.
This morning, I receive my phone call from Kim and we talk for an hour! Right from the start, I didn't have any nervous feeling while talking with her; it was like I was talking with an old friend, discussing our views on childcare, discipline and praise. It was amazing! At the end of the conversation, she says that she would like to make a job offer and would I like the job?!?!? Um, YEAH! Oh, I forgot to say that she sent me their policies, procedures and philosophies in the first email and I read through them going "yup, yup, yup!" So, everything is in line with that, it is the place God wants me to be! I start calling people and telling them about all this (including Gabe, of course) and every single one of my dear brothers and sisters in Christ tells me "I knew you would get that job! You know that house is yours, right?"
Praise God for He is good and He holds our lives in the palm of His hand! He has some amazing plans for our lives and we just have to walk in faith and go until He says no!
Btw, Gabe has an appointment on Saturday to go see OUR house! We'll keep you posted!

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